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Hazchem (GHS) Signage

HIE Signs supplies Hazchem signs (GHS Signage) for the classification of workplace hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. These can be made in metal, plastics – reflective and non-reflective.

Custom Hazchem (GHS) Signs

HIE Signs supplies Hazchem signs per the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) for the classification of workplace hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. 

The Australian law requires Hazchem signage to be prominently displayed on any container, workplace or vehicle that stores specific types of chemical substances over a certain quantity level. Businesses that either manufacture, transport, store, or handle dangerous goods are also required to provide Hazchem signage for the safety of workers and bystanders.

During an emergency scenario, labelling chemicals in line with Hazchem sign codes Australia is vital to supporting the health and safety of employees and other individuals in the near vicinity. Without correct labelling, worker safety is compromised and the business also becomes liable for any damage to people or property. Incorrect or absent GHS signage and labels can lead to improper handling of dangerous products, which can cause serious workplace injury or harm. 

Australian Hazchem (GHS) Signs Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Maitland

At HIE Signs, we aim to ensure your workers can function in a safe and healthy environment that fosters productivity and efficiency. GHS signs are a critical part of a safe working environment and we can provide you with certain GHS pictograms and GHS custom labels that enable such a workplace environment. 

There are a range of various Hazchem classifications that are observed in Australia each with unique GHS pictograms and hazards specifications. These can be made in metal or plastic – reflective and non-reflective.

It is extremely vital to ensure that any hazardous goods, chemicals or gases, are stored, handled, transported and manufactured correctly; they are also required to have the appropriate signage in case of any emergency, should it arise.

Workplace health and safety is of paramount importance to us at HIE Signs and we manifest that priority by providing you with the opportunity to obtain quality GHS signs at competitive prices with exceptional service. Classifying chemical signs has never been made easier with HIE Signs. If you need GHS signs just contact us and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


    We make custom signs to suit any size you have in mind. However, commonly produced sizes include: 

    • 300 x 225 mm
    • 450 x 300 mm
    • 600 x 450 mm
    • 900 x 600 mm
    • 1200 x 900 mm

    Yes! Our in house team of graphic designers can add any text you may have to your custom sign. 

    Yes! Our in house team of graphic designers can add any photos you may have to your custom sign. 

    Our lead time is approximately 5-7 business days however under certain circumstances, we can produce signage urgently for you. 

    Yes! We offer a mobile sign installation service for businesses in and around the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast regions. Please contact us to request a quotation. 

    Yes! Depending on the size of the sign and quantities, we can arrange bulk orders. 

    No. You can order as many or as few signs as you need. 

    Yes. We offer shipping services Australia wide. 

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