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– SIZES (475 x 31mm or 475 x 57mm) Custom sizes available

Pipe Marker Guide



Colour Code



Jade – G21
Emerald – G13
Shamrock – G23

Drinking water
Waste water (but not sewage)
Cooling water, including seawater
Heating water
Storm water
Hydraulic power supply
Recycled water
Grey or recycled
water (non-drinking
water supply)

Grey or recycled water (non-drinking water supply)

Purple – P12 (no darker)
Jacaranda – P24 (no darker)
Lilac – P23 (no lighter)

Recycled water Class A
Recycled water Class B
Recycled water Class C
Recycled water Class D


Silver Grey – N24

Live steam
Process steam
Exhaust steam
Space heating steam

Oils, flammable and combustible liquids

Golden Tan – X53
Tan – X51
Brown – X54
Nut Brown – X55

Fuel and lubricating oils
Animal and vegetable oils for food processing
Petrol, diesel and other light fraction oils
Other flammable or combustible liquid substances


Sand – Y44
Straw – Y24
Sandstone – Y53
Raffia – X31
Biscuit – X42

Fuel gases
Process gases
Liquefied gases under pressure
Pneumatic transport of particulate solids
Exhaust gases and fumes
Medical gases

Acids and alkalis

Lilac – P23

All corrosive liquids and gases


Aqua – B25
Bluebell – B41

Compressed air
Instrument air
Pneumatic cover

Other liquids

Black – N61

Chemical mixtures in water or organic solvent
Liquid foodstuffs
Sewage, organic waste
Chemical and process wastes

Fire services

Signal Red – R13
Scarlet – R12
Waratah – R14

Dedicated water, foam other fire extinguishing supply

Electric power

Orange – X15
Marigold – X13

Electricity supply circuit


White – N14

Telephone and other communication circuits
Extra low voltage supply

Pipe markers offer a quick solution for the need to identify the contents of pipes and its direction of flow in nearly any environment, especially in an emergency. An efficient and robust pipe identification system enables employees, contractors and emergency responders to identify between various pipes where there may be numerous lines next to each other. Our pipe identification labels also save precious time during maintenance periods or when conducting inspections.

Pipe Marking Specialists Hunter Valley, Newcastle & Maitland

At HIE Signs, we allow you to identify pipes with ease and offer a range of identification products for your pipes. We produce:

  • AS1345 Pipe Markers
  • Self Sticking Pipe Markers
  • Pipe Markers on a Roll
  • Custom Pipe Markers
  • Valve Marking
  • And Many More!

Whether you require standard or custom pipe labels, we can help you satisfy any requirement with our years of expertise in the pipe marker label industry. We can manufacture any pipe marker in all shapes and sizes accompanied by numerous different label options. If your requirement is not shown here, just contact us and we will make sure we can provide you with the necessary resources to satisfy your needs.

The standards for pipe identification in Australia are outlined in AS 1345-1995. We aim to ensure your pipe identification sticker is in line with these standards so your operation can run as smoothly and as professionally as possible. Not only do we ensure your pipe marker needs are adequately met, but at HIE Signs, we also accommodate for valve identification markers and can even accept custom-designed pipe and valve labels for your convenience. 

Custom Pipe Markers For Sale


HIE Signs provides superior service and the most professional pipe labelling products. We ensure the highest quality products and service with competitive prices, easy ordering processes and fast delivery time too. And if you can’t locate what you require from our expansive inventory of pipe markers, valve markers, valve tags or any other pipe identification stickers, you can create custom pipe markers and custom valve labels for us to create for you.

Our pipe markers enable professional solutions and allow the necessary personnel to trace and identify pipes in any situation and environment. If you feel you need a quality pipe marker manufacturer that offers second-to-none service, give us a call or send us an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help you with your pipe identification needs.


    We make custom signs to suit any size you have in mind. However, commonly produced sizes include: 

    • 300 x 225 mm
    • 450 x 300 mm
    • 600 x 450 mm
    • 900 x 600 mm
    • 1200 x 900 mm

    Yes! Our in house team of graphic designers can add any text you may have to your custom sign. 

    Yes! Our in house team of graphic designers can add any photos you may have to your custom sign. 

    Our lead time is approximately 5-7 business days however under certain circumstances, we can produce signage urgently for you. 

    Yes! We offer a mobile sign installation service for businesses in and around the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast regions. Please contact us to request a quotation. 

    Yes! Depending on the size of the sign and quantities, we can arrange bulk orders. 

    No. You can order as many or as few signs as you need. 

    Yes. We offer shipping services Australia wide. 

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