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Many workplaces, including mining sites, construction sites, and other hands-on trades pose various dangers, hazards and risks to their employees and visitors. Sometimes, danger can be so severe that if not dealt with correctly, can be life-threatening. This is considered an extremely dangerous situation and requires numerous safety precautions to reduce the risk of the danger. 

As well as the correct Protective Personal Equipment, mandatory signs, cautionary signs, and even Hazchem GHS signage, danger signs and symbols are required to be placed in areas where there needs to be warning for a hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life-threatening. These situations vary from high-voltages areas, fuel storage, radiation, chemicals, open holes, worksite hazards, explosives, high-temperature welding, and many more.

Custom Danger Signs Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Central Coast

At HIE Signs we have made-to-order danger signs that are manufactured in Australia in line with Australian Standard AS1319. We don’t take safety lightly and work to ensure the personnel working within dangerous spaces have the correct warning signs so they can maintain a high level of alertness within these environments. We can provide an array of different danger signs including:

  • Voltage Signs
  • Acid Signs
  • Authorised Use Only Signs
  • Cable Buried Here Signs
  • Chemical Waste Signs
  • Overhead Hazard Sign
  • Flammable Gas Signs
  • And Many More!

Safety Signs are more than just information on a piece of metal, they’re there for the protection and wellbeing of workers and employers. Danger signs can have different meanings in Australia but most are made with the word ‘danger’ in the middle of a red oval which is then inside a black rectangle and more often than not feature other warning signs and symbols as well. The text is black on a white background. 

High-vis, high-quality danger safety signs are crucial to conducting a high level of employee safety awareness in the workplace. At HIE Signs we can manufacture your danger signs and symbols on a reflective or non-reflective finish on a range of different substrates including polypropylene, corflute, aluminium, colorbond steel, self-adhesive sticker, and many more to ensure your signs will withstand the tough working conditions.

No matter the dangerous situation your staff is working in, we have the right danger sign for you and for them. And if you can’t find the danger sign you are looking for, contact us today and we’ll create the perfect danger sign to suit your requirements.